Still Using Your Personal E-mail For Business?

Still Using Your Personal E-mail For Business?

Are you still using free e-mail services like gmail, hotmail, yahoo, outlook, etc? If you answered yes, your online identity may not look as professional as you need, corporate email gives you an online presence as well as professional and serious reputation.

For example, in the email “This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.” you can see the @proideasweb domain, that can be the name of your company and include any name on the left of the “@”, like sales, support, customerservice, info, billing, payments, etc.

At ProideasWeb all our web design services include corporate e-mail service with the following benefits:

  • 1TB of storage per email account.
  • 1TB of cloud storage.
  • Calendar system
  • Synchronization with mobile devices (Android, IOS, etc.)
  • Guaranteed stability 99.9%

If you are paying for a mail server, you may be paying too much for extra storage and server stability. With ProideasWeb all these problems will be a thing of the past, since we use the g-suite (formerly google apps) to manage e-mail services. We will help with the migration of your contacts and history to the new service.

What are you waiting for? Contact us now to give you the attention and service you deserve.

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