Hotel Digital Marketing And Website

Digital marketing and website for a hotel requires different technologies than those used in another type of company, the website should have an online booking system that allows the hotel to manage and make reservations online. As well as allowing the client to book their rooms online directly on the web site, together with a modern and easy to use web design.

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Why Are Captchas Necessary?

Our customers constantly ask us this question, "why did you use that image on the form where users have to guess the characters?". In this case, we are talking about Captcha.

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Still Using Your Personal E-mail For Business?

Are you still using free e-mail services like gmail, hotmail, yahoo, outlook, etc? If you answered yes, your online identity may not look as professional as you need, corporate email gives you an online presence as well as professional and serious reputation.

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How to Evaluate a Good Web Design?

To determine whether a site on the internet is a good quality website is not enough to take a look and see if it looks good, there are several additional factors that determine whether a website is a good website or not:

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